Our roots: the passion

Founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura, the brand was forged in passion, commitment and culture of excellence. Fury “Glove”, the image of the logo of which were struck out the first products Nîmois workshops, quickly distinguished by the development and manufacture of technical gloves. This particular market ski and bikes, one of the greatest passions of “Monsieur Jacques,” the brand diversified in 1971 to extend its expertise to other clothing necessary for the practice of these disciplines. Very demanding, uncompromising quality, but also pioneering and innovative in many fields, Jacques has continued to devise innovative solutions to the new needs of a biker world in turmoil.

With a vision ambitious for his business, he is also very quickly involved in the competition, with international drivers. This policy geared towards innovation, performance, and quality has enabled it to make Furygan an industry leader in just a few years.

A position and expertise recognized by the French army, which selects the brand manufacture of leather helmets paratroopers and technical gloves (combat, cold …) infantry. This is still the case today.

This innovative spirit, passion for the leather work, this greed for all technical and technological advances that can improve the lives of bikers, but above this determination never to compromise when dealing with security are our company’s fundamentals.We are bikers and we are in the front line.

 Today: knowledge and efficiency

Immediately raised to the rank of specialist in leather, now competing at the highest level Furygan grew while remaining a French family business. Far from being a handicap, this structure has enabled us to successfully apprehend new materials and technologies or the latest safety standards. And if our office, based in Nîmes since the creation of Furygan, now houses a structure of internal research and development (the Furygan Motion Lab), it remains primarily a real production site, a plant that keeps our most legacy precious: our expertise ,.

The craftsmanship is our trademark. All skins are from South America or Italy. They are used for making jackets, suits and trousers and go systematically through nîmoise factory. They are controlled and cut. If our cutting controllers have enabled us to meet the new challenge of productivity, many parts are still extracted by hand to limit the leather scraps and optimize the performance of each skin. Each piece of leather from this process is then thoroughly checked. One by one.

These items are packaged with zippers, snaps and all the materials needed to complete the garment and then sent in a second factory in Tunisia. One of the few countries that still has a great tradition of leather work. Between the two sites the maximum production capacity is around 800 garments per week.

The finished garment, he returned to France, where it is pressed on a steam model, inspected and equipped with its protections. If a fault occurs the garment is taken, and the room changed in our Nimes workshops. Where are developed and made prototypes, pilot suits, and repaired the products of our customers. The motorcycle safety is one of the fundamentals of Furygan, as their look. The panther does not trifle with the defects. Our expertise, the guarantee of a product of the highest quality, and our customer fast and efficient service have forged over the past four decades, the reputation of Furygan.

 Tomorrow: Research and development

We are involved in the safety of bikers for more than 45 years, and we continue our daily research. This policy of constant innovation allows us to continually improve the efficiency, comfort and performance of our clothing, while adapting to the wishes and needs of two-wheeler, whatever they are.

With our experience we created the Furygan Motion Lab, our research and internal design structure. True to our motto, “Always More …” (Always Plus), and we were the first and still the only ones to date to offer a range fully compliant security protocols ‘PPE’.

But that is not everything. The Motion Lab is the source of Skin Protect lining, aluminum lining, the Duo System, the Flap Winter, or the 3layers, a few of the many technologies available today in your Furygan products. Besides of course those on our test benches, and will be applied to future products.

Furygan: some key figures

Pieces Production capacity of leather garments per week
Sq.m of Leather for annual production
pro customs on measurements racing suits.
Creation of the brand
Stitchings tested by the motion lab.