Racing is in our DNA.

Since 1969, we have thrown ourselves into competition.

Takayama, Mortimer, Pons, Baker, Agostini, Jacques, Costes, and today, Rabat, Lowes, Zarco, Di Meglio, Dunlop, Chareyre, Team GMT94 and many others have all trusted in Furygan leathers and they the most passionate expression of our will to do “always more”. In the racing arena, the Panther still has sharp teeth. Is there a better way to celebrate our 45th anniversary than that offered by the fighting spirit talent of our racers?

In 2014, our records have been bolstered even further with three World titles (Moto2, the Endurance World Championship and the Supermoto Nations), three more victories at the prestigious Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and five national titles (British Superstock 600 and 1000, CEV Superstock 600, French Moto3 and Junior Moto3). These victories are reinforcing how proud we are to protect such Champions, as well as protecting you and all those that are riding their motorcycle with the panther on their back.

Thanks to them, thanks to you. These victories are dedicated to all our champions, racing and everyday ones, because they are just as we are:passionate.